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Not only do we offer unique frame fashions from the perspective of a fashion-forward optometrist, but we also offer concierge services.  When you think of concierge, you think of special care that is unique to you and only you.  That is exactly what we provide

Here’s how it works.  (1) You order your frame from Eyeviva.  (2) We fill your frame order.  And, then, (3) the magic happens….The frame is delivered ANYWHERE of your choosing.  Not only is it delivered…

Picture this.  You order your frame online.  You receive it and can’t wait to wear your new frames.  Uh oh!!!  It falls off your face or it doesn’t quite fit. 

Here’s where Eyeviva comes inA Licensed Optician will hand deliver your frame ANYWHERE to you.  The frame will be fit to your face.  And, on the spot, our optician will adjust the frame for you.  We will adjust the temples, nose pads, etc so that you have the optimal fit. 

Our concierge service is offered in the metro Atlanta market and coming to a city near you.....Where else can you get such a convenient service???  



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