Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Eyeviva? 

Eyeviva can be contacted via email at  Also, see our "Contact Us" page.

Contributing to the Non-Profit

  1. How does my purchase contribute to the non-profit?  For partnering with eyeviva, 10% of eyeviva sales will be donated to S.C.O.R.E., Inc on a monthly basis. Contributions will help further the education of young women in S.T.E.M. related studies and carriers.  
  2. What if I want to contribute further?  Donations can be made directly to S.C.O.R.E, Inc. here

 Placing an Order

  1. Can I order only the frame?  Yes.   Just select "frame only" from the package type.
  2. I made a mistake on my order.  How do I change the order?  If your order has already been shipped, the order cannot be changed.  But, it can be returned upon receipt.  If the order was not yet shipped, just reply to your order email and add "change order" to the subject line.
  3. How do I cancel my order?   To cancel your order, email us at  Please also include your order# in your correspondence.
  4. How do I measure my PD? (1)Place a mm ruler on the bridge of your nose, (2) Have someone stand face to face at arms length. (3) Have your friend measure the distance between your pupils.  Pupils are the black dots in the middle of your eyes
  5. May I try on glasses before I purchase them?  No.  eyeviva does not offer a try-on prior to purchase.

Eyeglass Prescriptions

  1. How do I provide my eyeglass prescription?  Your prescription can be emailed after your order is placed.  You can also fax your prescription to 770.428.0415.  As a reminder, as soon as you make an order, an email will come to you asking for you to provide your prescription.  (delay of receipt of prescriptions will delay the frame production process)
  2. Can I purchase glasses without a prescription?  Yes.  When selecting your frame, choose the "frame only" option for lenses.
  3. Do you sell prescription sunglasses?  No, eyeviva doesn't sell prescription sunglasses
  4. Do you fulfill high prescriptions?  Yes, a prescription (greater than +-4 or a greater than +-2 astigmatism).  Prescriptions with a higher prescription are subject to longer shipping times and an additional fee of $24.99)


  1. What lens type do you recommend?  All eyeviva packages come with a lens included.  Our single vision package comes with a thinner, lighter lens with UV protection.
  2. May I order lenses only?  No,  eyeviva offers frame only, but does not sell lenses only.
  3. Do you sell bifocal or progressive lenses?  No, eyeviva currently offers only single vision lenses.

Shipping Questions

  1. What is the shipping time of the frame?  Frames typically ship to the buyer within 10 business days of receipt of prescription.  (delay of receipt of prescriptions will delay the frame production process)
  2. Do you ship internationally?  No, eyeviva does not ship internationally.
  3. Can I expedite my shipment?  No, eyeviva doesn't provide expedited orders.  It is our intention to provide high quality eyewear.  With that, eyeviva must go through our normal production and quality control process prior to shipping.  

Return Policy

  1. What is your return policy?  No questions asked returns are accepted within 14 days of order receipt. 
  2. Ooops, I missed the 14 business days, but I still want to return my frames. Now what?  If a return is after 14 business days, (1) for frame only purchase, there is a restocking fee of $59 and (2) for a single vision frame purchase, there is a restocking fee of $69
  3. When does the return policy officially start?  Return policy of 14 days starts at order receipt by customer

Payment & Vision Insurance

  1. Can I use my insurance to order my frame?  No, currently eyeviva doesn't process vision insurance claims.
  2. What payment types do you accept?  Eyeviva accepts all major credit cards, FSA/HSA as well as Paypal.
  3. May I use my FSA or HSA card?  Yes, if the purchase includes prescription lenses, you may use your FSA or HSA card.  Frame only purchases cannot be made with FSA or HSA cards.




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