Measuring Your PD

What does this mean?
A PD (pupillary distance) is a measurement used to determine the proper lens shape and alignment of your prescription correction to your line of vision.

It is the distance measured (in mm) from center of your left pupil to center of your right pupil

Measuring your PD:

Ask Your Optometrist

  1. Ask your Optometrist to provide you with your PD measurements….. This is always the most reliable resource

 If not provided by your Optometrist, you will need a ruler to take the measurements. 

Measure Yourself

  1. Download and print our PD ruler here . (please print as is without any scaling or “shrink to fit”. Resizing the print will ensure that your measurements are inaccurate)
  2. Cut the ruler template out as directed on the printout.
  3. Place the ruler on your nose and measure the PD distance
  4. Provide Eyeviva your PD distance!



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