Why eyeviva

See how we invest in the future of young women in S.T.E.M. related studies.  For every purchase from eyeviva, we donate 10% to a S.T.E.M. based nonprofit organization.


Eyeviva is one of the most renowned leading providers of high-end fashionable frames and sunglasses in the U.S.A. We bring the latest designer eyewear collection for you that are exclusive to our online store. You can buy designer eyeglasses online from us as we assure you with the most comfortable yet trendy designs in the market.

While choosing eyeglasses it is very important to consider your face shape as not every eyeglass is meant to look good on your face. We provide you with a number of options for eyeglasses and frame selections that are latest in the trend.  Moreover, while buying prescription eyeglasses you need to make sure that the lenses are well-suited for your routine life.

Eyeviva is the best online store to buy prescription eyeglasses, non-prescription eyeglasses, and designer eyewear. The lenses of the eyeglasses are thin, lightweight and of superior quality that make your vision crystal clear. We offer you a wide range of selections for eyeglasses, frames, and sunglasses that are super affordable.

The style and quality of these eyeglasses always match to the expectations of our customers and is truly designed to reflect onto your personality that immediately give you a stylish and trendy outlook. Make sure to get your very own prescription, nonprescription, and designer eyeglasses that are hand-selected to match everyone’s style.

At Eyeviva, our aim is to be the leading eyeglass provider of fine and unique eyeglasses in Marietta, Georgia and across the U.S.A. We make sure to continue serving our clients with high standard trendy and designer eyeglasses that are of top-class quality. You can buy prescription eyeglasses online available on our store from various brands owned by private frame lines. Whether you are looking for prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses we make sure to offer you choices that are fashionable and comfortable to wear. In addition, to that, we also offer Eyeviva frame line called Joy and Jane. The Joy & Jane is exclusive to Eyeviva supported by the vision of Dr. Janelle and represents the strength of sisterhood along with modish frame choices.

Now, you can buy eyeglasses online from our store and experience a completely different yet trendy range of eyeglasses that best suits your face cut.



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